About us

We are the team of advanced
construction engineering
consultancy, creating sustainable environment in a transparent and qualitative way.

We are the team of advanced construction engineeringconsultancy, creating sustainable environment in a transparent and qualitative way.

We develop complex projects based on holistic methods in Northern Europe and the Baltic region.

We are a team of professionals working with ambitious Clients.

We work in ergonomic space< not limited by place and measures.

We develop complex projects based on
holistic methods
in Northern Europe and the Baltic region.

We are a
team of professionals
working with ambitious Clients.

We work in
ergonomic space
not limited by place and measures.



On Tuesday???, A new production complex of Danish window and door production giant “Dovista” was opened in Marijampole FEZ territory. The complex, designed and supervised during construction by Lithuanian design and engineering consultancy company “Baltic Engineers”, distinguishes by its size, complexity and quality in Lithuania. State-of-art design technologies were used to implement ambitious solutions at a record pace.

The headquarters and a warehouse of international group of companies “Creolink” uniting “Libra Vitalis”, “Heliopolis” “Dotpack” in Lithuania, “Printpack Service” in Latvia and “Igepa Libra Vitalis” in Estonia were opened close to the western bypass of Vilnius. “Libra Vitalis” company of “Creolink” group invested nearly 9 million euros into the building of 12,4 thousand square meters. Design preparation was carried out and construction process was coordinated by project management and engineering consultancy company “Baltic Engineers”.

According to Darius Kvedaras, Head of UAB “Baltic Engineers”, the changing approach to logistics and industrial complexes are raising more and more challenges to designers and construction managers.

 “Recently, the focus on design work-place exclusivity, comfort and smooth process of setting in has been increasing. Clients are becoming more demanding on quality of environment, therefore, they are increasingly relying on project managers using modern technologies to manage design and construction processes” – states D. Kvedaras.

On the proposal of “Baltic Engineers” a closed competition was arranged where all participants were paid honorarium. The largest design companies invited were competing not only on bidding, but also on the vision of the future building. Usually the designer is selected on the basis of the lowest price bid and participates in the tender without consideration.

“Benefits of being able to compare and choose between several different ideas of the project are obvious. The project selected in this way will best meet the Customer’s expectations”, - says the manager of “Baltic Engineers”.

Apart from the storage premises, the office area of 1300 sq.m. and shopping floor space of 1000 sq.m. were designed. In order to ensure that all project tasks to be carried out by professionals of their field, different companies were entrusted with the interior design of these premises.

3D building information model (BIM) was used in design preparation and construction stages. Advanced methods enabled the management of a significant flow of changes, prompt identification of design deficiencies and timely resolution. Moreover, it accelerated decision-making, therefore, despite a large number of participants in the project, the major deviations from the planned schedule were avoided.

Distinctiveness of the building located at western bypass of Vilnius is apparent at the first glance. Corrugated aluminium elements of façade were specially designed and manufactured for the building. The main entrance is located under the console supported by diagonal columns. Brightly colored ramp niches brighten the warehouse part.  

Exclusive design workplaces were created behind the dynamic façade of office block, the authors of which are a team of architects A2SM. The main highlight of the second floor is atrium where microclimate maintained by humidification systems makes happy not only the plants, but also the staff during their breaks.

Solid materials: patio, wood showcases, ceramic bricks, openly exposed concrete surfaces were used for interior of offices located around the conservatory. Acoustic plaster ceilings were used to reduce ambient noise. The spotlights incorporated in them are visible only when they are turned on, therefore, the visual obstacles do not interfere with viewing the open space and enjoy the view through showcase windows.

Shopping floor space designed by “Dizaino matas”, a company specializing in this type of interior design, is very different from the office space. It focuses on products offered by the Client and their proper display.

The main storage hall is nearly 15 meters high, so it has racks as high as 10.5 m that are rarely found in similar buildings. The warehouse heating system is based on infrared radiation heating system.

In order to maximize the versatility of the space, a ceiling-mounted extinguishing system installed between racks was abandoned during the design process. A modern ESFR fire fighting system was designed instead, that does not interfere with movement of lifts and allows the storage space to be transformed without dismantling the system pipeline.  Carefully designed maneuvering pass, compactly generated auxiliary spaces and rational zoning of rooms have all contributed to greater efficiency of room use and reduced construction costs.

Along with subsidiary of UAB “Libra Vitalis”, employees of “Heliopolis” have also moved into the building. Next to the building, that was awarded energy class A, there is a parking space for over 140 cars and bicycles.

“We have long felt the need to join our logistics forces, to have modern offices and goods display in one place. We set really high standards to project and its implementers and we are pleased to have made them a reality”, - says Paulius Adomenas, CEO of “Libra Vitalis”.

Production complex of the German industrial giant “Continental” rising in Kaunas has been awarded for the use of advanced building information modelling (BIM) technologies in design and construction. It came to light on the 26th April when the results of the competition “Lithuanian BIM projects” were announced during construction exhibition ‘RESTA”. Sixteen strongest projects were selected for the competition including the “Continental” automotive electronics component factory that became the leader in the category of production buildings.

UAB “Baltic Engineers” is taking care of the design preparation and construction management of the plant – the company which was one of the first in Lithuania to started to use BIM tools in the whole process of project implementation. According to the manager of the company Darius Kvedaras, this project successfully integrated BIM capabilities from the concept to the construction site. “We make sure that Engineers, Contractors and Supervisors no longer have to carry stacks of paper on the construction site. Spatial model of building and design documentation are available on mobile devices by pointing the touchpad at the point of interest in the building, which allows to see the elements that have to be installed”, - says D. Kvedaras.    

In addition to AR (Augmented Reality) technology, UAB “Baltic Engineers” has also implemented “digital twin” in conducting integrated services of EPCM (Engineering Procurement Construction Management) in “Continental” project. It is a virtual model that represents the real state of the structure at a particular stage of work. Construction is constantly scanned with 3D scanner and the accumulated cloud of points is transformed into three-dimensional model, which allows to walk around on computer screen as well as to take measurements or leave comments. Special scanning not only facilitates the quality control of construction works is easier, but also further maintenance of building - it allows the operator to check at any time where and how the hidden engineering systems were installed.   

„Continental“ projekte vykdant integruotas EPCM (angl. Engineering Procurement Construction Management) paslaugas UAB „Baltic Engineers“ pasitelkė ne tik AR (papildytos realybės) technologiją, bet ir pastato „skaitmeninį dvynį“. Tai virtualus modelis, atspindintis tikrąją statinio būklę konkretaus darbų etapo metu. Statybos nuolat skanuojamos 3D skaneriu, o sukauptas taškų debesis paverčiamas trimačiu modeliu, po kurį galima pasivaikščioti kompiuterio ekrane, atlikti matavimus ar palikti komentarus. Erdvinio skanavimo dėka palengvėja ne tik statybų darbų kokybės kontrolė, bet ir tolimesnė pastato priežiūra – eksploatuojant jį valdytojui suteikiama galimybė bet kada pasitikrinti, kur ir kaip buvo sumontuotos paslėptos inžinerinės sistemos.

“We have worked with different industrialists in as many as four FEZ zones, where more and more modern production buildings are being constructed recently. “Continental” project stands out among them both in terms of investment size and extremely high quality requirements. Advanced design and construction methods implemented here are likely to set a good example not only for industry, but for the entire construction sector in Lithuania”, - says the head of UAB “Baltic Engineers”.

It is expected to be not the last evaluation of this project. “Continental” aims to become the first factory in Lithuania to receive high “gold” sustainability certificate of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for design and construction work. The complex will also have to meet the highest reliability standards pursuant to “FM Global” requirements. Equipment automated under “Pramone 4.0” requirements can be also used in modern, high-tech factory and highly accurate microclimate will be maintained in production areas with the help of complex systems of ventilation units and large air volumes.

The competition “Lietuvos BIM projektai” arranged by public institution “Skaitmenine statyba” for the fourth consecutive year is aimed at evaluating the construction market leaders that apply modern building information modeling technologies. According to organizers, the projects submitted for the competition were evaluated given the use of BIM for design solutions, granting sustainability and “green” construction, as well as the use of information of innovative projects and application of standards and methodologies in projects. The winners of competition were announced in eight categories, the list of all nominees are available at: https://skaitmeninestatyba2019.lt/event/pristatymai/   

The plans to construct air separation gas plant in Kedainiai Free Economic Zone are already becoming true. On 28th May the project was presented to the public, followed by Technical Design of the complex. Administrative-domestic building, compressor building, rectification column, nitrogen and oxygen tanks, road-tankers filling stations and other technological equipment will be constructed in the territory of 1 ha . The heat generated in the production process will be used for heating of the office building.

UAB “Baltic Engineers”, a company with an extensive experience in development of industrial objects was entrusted with adaptation of the plant for Lithuania. Industrial and medical gas company “AGA” is investing in oxygen and nitrogen plant in Kedainiai, and the complex will be constructed by “Linde Engineering”. Both companies are part of “Linde” plc, the world’s largest gas production company, operating in nearly 100 countries.

“AGA” ii investing in a gas plant in Lithuania as gas demand in the market is growing and the company will provide to current customers and new projects in the entire Baltic region. As construction preparation work has already been started, we will soon be able to offer our clients useful solutions to ensure the speed and accuracy of gas delivery. This is great news for the entire business sector of the Baltic countries”, says Johanna Ylikosi, the Head of Sales and Marketing for the Baltic region.

According to Darius Kvedaras, the Head of UAB “Baltic Engineers” oil and gas complexes in Lithuania are rapidly expanding and preparation of their design requires specific knowledge, therefore the company is pleased to cooperate with specialists of Linde Group. “One of our strengths is experience in team work with international companies in projects in Lithuania and other Baltic countries” – states D. Kvedaras. 

UAB “Baltic Engineers” in cooperation with Sofregaz SAS has already prepared pre-design proposals for the installation of liquid natural gas (LNG) regasification station in Druskininkai as well as has carried out FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) of AB “Klaipedos Nafta” LNG distribution station. Altogether 10 aboveground tanks with a total volume of 10 000 cubic meters were designed in Klaipeda redistribution station. Currently half of the planned tanks are already in place and the oil company is successfully loading a new cargo – LNG.

The newest “oil and gas” type complex implemented by UAB “Baltic Engineers” is oil product storage of UAB “Mockavos Terminalas”. The total storage capacity of “light petroleum products” is 12 000 cubic meters, where different tanks store diesel, petrol and biodiesel. Transhipment of products to road-tankers, train access by European and Russian track were solved in the complex. “We accompanied the Client during the whole process in this project: we carried out construction management, Technical and Working Design supervision, solutions optimization and construction technical supervision. We paid a lot of attention to search of contractors and control of the budget” – says the head of Baltic Engineers.     


Digital Design

Project and Construction Management

Territory Planning

Project Planning

Environmental services



We are proud of our Clients. We share a common goal – to create what can be proud of. Over the past five years, our team has completed over 200 projects. We are successfully working not only with the most ambitious projects in Lithuania, but we are also rapidly strengthening our positions in the Baltic and North European regions.



We have tested our strengths in an international team: architects from Iceland, local designers from Latvia, the object – in Latvia, 3D model – in clouds. Here we repeated innovation suggested and implemented in IKEA in Lithuania – solar modules on the roof for water heating in a restaurant. No borders will stand in our way!
BREEAM initial assessment
34.800 m2
Constructed in 2018.
Biķeru iela 2, Dreiliņi, Stopiņu novads, Latvia


This office and storage building represents a smart project. In design preparation, we implemented a number of advanced solutions, such as saving ABB automated energy management system that controls lighting, heating and ventilation of the building: solid-state sensors detect the presence of people and control automatically. Those who have an electric car are welcome to drive in as fast car charging station is installed here!
3.000 m2
Constructed in 2015.
Parko Street 37, Avižieniai, Vilnius district


Colleagues call it a ”Green BIM Spacecraft”. The building “was designed with a maximum particularity in 3D space – from LOD 250 till LOD 500. We were acknowledged and awarded for the application of advanced design platforms: the best BIM design of public building in “Skaitmenine Statyba”. Commercial and entertainment center “ŽALI” is a project implemented by a real estate project developer and manager “Baltisches Haus”.
3.800 m2
BREEAM rating “very good”
Constructed in 2018
Visalaukio Street 1, Balsiai, Vilnius


We provided an integrated service for an exclusive Client: we planned the territory, arranged an invited architectural tender, selected and managed construction contractors. A well-tuned team achieved a great result – this warehouse building stands out not only by its impressive exterior, but also by its ergonomic interior.
13.000 m2
Investment 8.6 mln. EURO
Constructed in 2018
Vakarine Street 104, Vilnius


We are proud to have contributed to the creation of a museum of art, constructed with private funds: we planned the territory and designed engineering networks. Due to exclusive architecture of D. Liebesking, our team was challenged to design engineering networks so as they were invisible and occupied as little space as possible. Air conditioning units were installed in the museum café above the suspended ceiling. Service hatches can be seen after a very close look.
Investment 10 mln. EURO
3.700 m2
Constructed in 2018
Pylimo Street 17, Vilnius


Dovista is a globally renowned company of Danish VRK group, a part of which is represented by Velux, entrusted our team the development of the whole territory of Marijampole FEZ of 64 hectares. We planned the entire territory and the first complexes of buildings as well as we managed construction works. Dovista was recognized as the Investor of the Year 2018.
Investment 100 mln. EURO
46.500 m2
Constructed in 2018
Karolaukio Street 11, Nendriniškiai, Marijampole

„CONTINENTAL” production plant

Development of a German giant in Kaunas Economic Zone has been entrusted to professionals of Baltic Engineers. Our responsibility is the development of all stages of production, storage and office building with a restaurant, involving design preparation and construction management. Energy efficiency of constructed production plant was accredited by world-wide known USGBC “LEED”.
21.500 m2
Investment 95 mln. EURO
LEED assessment
Designed in 2018 (under construction)
Inovacijų Street 3, Biruliškės, Kaunas district


Huge development of an existing structure was carried out consistently. In cooperation with the architect R. Palekas we prepared a comprehensive Design Task for the Client. During design works we supervised the compliance of quality of works with Design Task. Also our team carrier out Technical Supervision.
102.000 m2
Investment 47 mln. EURO
Constructed in 2016
Islandijos Road 32, Kaunas

Lithuanian Air Traffic Control Center

We are very proud of this important object for Lithuania. We had the honour to cooperate with Icelandic state air traffic control company “Isavia”, the most experienced in this field, as well as with architects from Iceland “THG architektar”. It was a beneficial professional experience to design spaces of special significance and specifics.
8.900 m2
Investment 8,6 mln. EURO
Constructed in 2019
Eišiškių Road 9, Vilnius


We are growing in various dimensions: we expand the nature and geography of our activities, constantly improving our work tools and methods. We care about new challenges and opportunities. We offer career to ambitious people who are ready for continuous improvement. If you share our values, feel free to send your curriculum vitae and letter of motivation to info@balticenginers.com


UAB „Baltic Engineers“

Savanorių pr. 28, LT-03116 Vilnius
Phone +370 5 233 4112
E-mail info@balticengineers.com

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