Baltic Engineers going to operate under international management standards

The designing and engineering consulting company Baltic Engineers has implemented three management standards, which will provide the possibilities to offer highest quality services in line with international requirements.

Implementation of the Quality management (ISO 9001), Environmental management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001) systems will ensure the growth of the company’s competitiveness, efficiency and performance. The mentioned changes will allow for better adaptability to the customers’ needs

“We had to standartize and certify our activities according to several international management requirements, in order to ensure successful growth overall.” – says Darius Kvedaras, Managing Director of Baltic Engineers UAB.

According to the Mr. Kvedaras while implementing international management standards old stereotypes will be changed into new efficiency indicators. Internal quality will rise, Baltic engineers customers will feel the benefits immediately.

The engineering company has been long operating in accordance with the harmonious development and designing principles therefore the implemented Environmental management. standard will significantly strengthen the company’s standing and provide additional tools for implementing harmonious development projects in Lithuania and abroad.

Mr Kvedaras does no doubt about the benefits of the new Occupational Safety and Health Management System to the Baltic engineers staff. Better wellbeing, more clear roles, motivation these are just few of the benefits which OSHAS standard will bring and will help to improve all interrelations in the company.

The project of implementation of complex and integrated management system was partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund in line with the ProcesasLt measure. The amount of LTL 18.000 from the EU funds was allocated for the project.

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